KTAM Aims to Become Thailand's Leading Property Fund,Increasing Assets Under Management to 11.3 Billion The Bangkok Post reported on Thursday, 22 February that real estate investment in Thailand soared by 81.8 percent to $2 billion (1.3 billion)in 2012, nearly double the $1.1 billion (720 million) in 2011, as property funds markedly increased their investment activity. ...continue reading "Thai Real Estate Investment Soared On Back Of Property Fund Activity"

KTAM Aims to Become Thailand's Leading Property Fund,Increasing Assets Under Management to 11.3 Billion

The Bangkok Post reported on Thursday, 22 February that real estate investment in Thailand soared by 81.8 percent to $2 billion (1.3 billion)in 2012, nearly double the $1.1 billion (720 million) in 2011, as property funds markedly increased their investment activity.

According to property consultant DTZ, Thailand's real estate market was boosted by the listing of major property funds and a high number of acquisitions, particularly in the office and hotel sectors. Some $1.1 billion (720 million), or 55 percent of total real estate investment, came from transactions by real estate funds or public funds for public offerings (PFPOs).

Investment activity received a major boost from the listing of Tesco Lotus Retail Growth Freehold and Leasehold (TLGF) in the beginning of January 2012, which proved to bethe largest property fund listing for the year. The $594-million (389 million) fund purchased 17 Tesco Lotus shopping malls in prime locations across Thailand in a deal which by itself exceeded half of the real estate investments in the country in 2011.

Other notable property fund investments in 2012 included the purchase during the first quarter of three serviced apartment complexesand residences for $106 million (69 million) by the listed Land and Houses Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (LHPF). Additionally, the Quality Houses Hotel and Residence Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (QHHR) bought three Centre Point serviced apartments in the third quarter, for some $107 million (70 million).

KTAM Eyes Real Estate Market

Krung Thai Asset Management (KTAM) has the ambition to lead the market in property funds and,more specifically, to increase its assets under management by 20 percent in 2013 to 516 billion baht (11.3 billion), said chief executive officer Somchai Boonnamsiri, citing the positive overall investment climate.

The Bangkok Post reports that Thai billionaire Charoen

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The year 2010 brings to a close one of the most volatile decades in the history of the California real estate industry. Median home prices increased at an unprecedented rate to all-time highs five years ago, while the second half of the decade witnessed the sharpest decline in home prices ever recorded. Its hard to imagine that the same ten years that saw homes being purchased sight-unseen at twenty percent above asking price also experienced widespread foreclosures and lofty inventories of properties for sale. Home builders that were once purchasing as much land as they could find were soon abandoning partially completed developments. Homebuyers that once struggled to find a home they could afford were suddenly availed to a wide array of reasonably priced houses. So now that the California real estate rollercoaster has rapidly taken us up and down, what does the future hold?

Excitement aside, it seems safe to say that market stability would be much more favorable when compared against the extreme fluctuations experienced over the previous decade. Thankfully most real estate economic indicators over the past several months do point towards a leveling out of housing values. However, the primary concern in the back of every real estate professionals mind is whether a second wave of foreclosures will negatively impact housing values in the near future. Should we be ready to pull back the safety bar and lift our arms in the air to prepare for the next plunge on the rollercoaster?

This determination should begin with an analysis of two of the most prominent real estate market statistics: housing sales and median prices. A look at California homes sales shows that between 500,000 to 600,000 single family residences have been sold each month in the state for the last year-and-a-half consistently. These stable statistics are well above

BANGKOK, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Thai Prime Minister on Saturday afternoon left Bangkok to Brunei for her first official foreign visit after taking office, aiming to strengthen bilateral ties, said local media Saturday.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and a high-level delegation including Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul left Bangkok from the Royal Thai Army Airport at 3:15 p.m. local time and would arrive in Brunei capital Bandar Seri Begawan at 7 p.m. local time, Mass Communication of Thailand reported.ed.

She would attend a state banquet to be hosted by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, then depart later in the evening and return to Thailand around early Sunday morning.

The trip is part of the plan of the Pheu-Thai led government to strengthen ties between country members of the ASEAN, according to the report.

Before leaving Bangkok, Yingluck told reporters that during the visit she would discuss with the Sultan of Brunei ways to strengthen the bilateral cooperations including the knowledge exchange on agriculture and the export and investment in halal food to Muslim countries.

After Brunei, the premier was scheduled to make her introductory visit to Indonesia on Monday, and on Thursday, she would visit Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and fly to Vientiane on the following day, said the media.Thai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable BatteriesThai pm visits brunei to strengthen bilateral ties - China Nicad Rechargeable Batteries


A November 2010 survey by BMO Financial Group showed that while more than a third of Canadians have opened a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA Canada), they know little about the wide range of investments that they can hold within those plans. As a result, investors may not be taking full advantage of the tax benefits and investment return potential of TFSAs.

The survey showed that 37% had no idea what investment opportunities are eligible for their TFSA Canada. Only 20% knew that segregated funds were eligible and 26% knew that Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) could be included in their plans. The reality is that a TFSA Canada can hold many types of good investments strategies. Here's a look:

A TFSA is not a simple 'account. The range of eligible investment opportunities in Ontario is similar to what qualifies for inclusion in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF). That means a wide selection of individual securities, such as eligible stocks and bonds, segregated funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), annuity contracts, foreign currency, and more.

Diversifying beyond cash or savings-type investments in your TFSA Canada can improve long-term growth potential and returns. Because your investment return is completely tax-sheltered in the TFSA Canada and tax-free upon withdrawal, the more you earn in your Tax Free Saving Accounts, the more you benefit from the tax advantages. Compounding of tax sheltered returns can greatly increase your investment income and leave you with a much larger pool of wealth than you would have if you invest in a taxable account.

Good investment strategies are key. The investments you hold in your TFSA Canada will depend on your financial goals, your risk tolerance, and other factors. We need to consider your Tax Free Saving Accounts as part of your overall good investment strategies,

Tax Accountant San Ramon CA has become one of the top local CPA firms which provides local businesses, corporations and individuals with tax preparation, accounting and planning services.

With California's declining revenues, the Franchise Tax board will be paying much closer attention to businesses' tax returns in 2011. Accountants predict an increase in audits as corporate tax returns will be highly scrutinized during the next tax season. The results of an incorrectly filed tax return may lead to an extensive audit of company's financial statements and records, as well as a possibility of incurring numerous fees and penalties.

"I always consult my tax accountant for my business' record keeping, and hire a professional CPA firm to prepare my corporate tax returns," says a resident of San Ramon, CA, who owns a small local business. "It is better to pay a professional who knows what they are doing than deal with IRS and FTB over a mistake on a tax return!"

Clients who are looking for a new CPA can safely rely on Tax Accountant San Ramon CA to professionally handle all of their tax and accounting transactions. This includes expert advice on long-term investment strategies, counseling during real estate purchasing, and a number of other financial services, which range from individual income tax preparation, to businesses, non-profit organizations and corporate accounting and record-keeping.

Tax Accountant San Ramon CA is a local firm with years of experience in the tax accounting field. It provides its clients with tax preparation services, business accounting, and expertise and sound advice on the best ways to keep good financial records. This ensures accuracy during tax preparation and safeguards business owners and individuals in an event of a tax audit.

Well-established accounting firms are experienced in working with FTB as well as IRS, and can often provide clients with invaluable assistance

After 3 decades of practicing medicine, I've come to learn that the most powerful form of healing is right under our noses. It's in our bodies.

Your body is designed to fix itself. It's simply up to you to supply it with the stimulus and support it needs.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine puts too much emphasis on interventions like surgery and drugs.Certainly, medical interventions has saved lives and improved the quality of life for many people. But pharmaceutical companies and surgeons have yet to come close to the chemical and engineering wonders in our own bodies.

The challenge is finding the right way to harness this healing power.

Spontaneous Healing Is A Documented Fact

From torn ACL injuries to cancer, science has documented literally thousands of cases of people who healed themselves without the intervention of surgery or pharmaceuticals. In 1993, the Institute of Noetic Sciences published a book compiling 3500 cases of people curing themselves from seemingly incurable diseases, like stage 4 cancer, without the help of medical intervention.[1] Many conventional doctors call these cases anomalies. Often medical researchers warn these cases of spontaneous healing should not be studied lest they give people false hope for healing without medical intervention.

But a growing minority of doctors and medical researchers are demanding these cases be given the respect and attention they deserve. Increasingly health experts are wondering what we can learn from these situations. And how they may offer better options for our patients.

For example, in 2012, researchers documented 12 cases of athletes who had suffered torn ACL's and recovered without any intervention. In all of these cases, surgery had been planned but delayed for various reasons.

According to the study authors, the conventional wisdom is that no one can heal a torn ACL without surgery. Yet these patients not only recovered but have resumed their full athletic

Takeover financing in Canada, when it comes to lower end of the corporate market still requires ' grown up ' finance similar to that used by the ' big boys ' .

What motivates the business owner/manager to consider business acquisitions and what challenges come from understanding how to finance fixed assets, receivables and inventory, and intangibles? Let's dig in.

The takeovers, mergers and acquisitions we read about daily are more often than not larger companies that in many cases are public. A very significant amount of information is available on these deals, so given the relatively easier way to value and finance those firms the questions becomes: How do you value and finance a private company in Canada?

Market expansion is really the ' catch all ' reason most use for contemplating a takeover. The ' subset 'reasons include:

Adding new products
Maximizing economies of scale
Reduce competition

In many takeover cases certain assets can be sold to help finance the acquisition. On an ongoing basis the acquiring firm will always try to focus on speeding up the deal and not incurring unneeded expenses.

At the heart of the takeover need is the ability to assess value of assets, as well as cash flow and profit analysis.

The whole area of "Asset Valuation ' comes with the need to understand that both fixed, current, and goodwill assets must be viewed in different ways. Fixed assets represent earning power so the often large differences in value relative to book value, market value, replacement cost, etc must be thoroughly assessed.

Receivables and Inventory represent operating cash flow and should be analyzed in the context of day's sales outstanding and inventory turns respectively. If these two assets are not 'turning ' properly a lot more time should be spent in analyzing why.

Ways to finance your takeover? They include various types